Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's a "blog...tweet...blog" kinda world!

Wait... Do you hear that?... Yeah, that right there! Do you know what that is? Well, I will tell you, it's the sound of fingers flying across keyboards and phone keys "clickity clicking". This, my dear friends, is the age of technology! The age of tweets, Facebook status updates, blogs... You name it; if it can be done from a phone, computer, iPad, etc than it RULES this age!!
HOLD ON.... You might be thinking... Um yeah, aren't you. BLOGGING about this? My very honest answer would be, "yes, yes I am!" BUT here is my question for you, do you get more excited about the latest tweet/blog/update or going to your mailbox and finding a letter, not a bill or promotional piece of mass mail, no, a real hand written letter, from a dear friend, family member, or whomever? My answer? I would take a letter any day! What happened to pen pals? Not email or text pals, but pen pals. I was recently going through some things the other day and came across a box. I opened it and inside was a little glass heart filled with the most beautiful thing ever... Red PEI dirt!I had stumbled across one of the gifts from my pen pal, Lisa, from years ago! Believe it or not, I started crying as I remember the fun times and memories and how excited I got when I received a LETTER from a dear friend!
So I guess I would challenge you fellow tweeters, bloggers, and updaters to take some time and write a letter! I guarantee you it will be far more appreciated than your latest technological update, because let's be honest.. There is always going to be a more interesting blog or update or tweet, but every letter is cherished!!!!