Saturday, April 30, 2011

Push.. hold it and count to 10!!!

Ok so am I the only one who wanted to smack my doctor in the delivery room?!
"Well, the next time you feel a contraction, go ahead and push..."
I don't know if that is anywhere near something I said, cause frankly all I could think about was getting these babies out, ripping off the stupid oxygen mask, and beating myself up over the fact that I hadn't shaved my legs!!!!
There was this feeling that rushed over me like a tidal wave when each girl was placed on my stomach, "These girls are mine!" I just thought they were so beautiful, even covered in blood and mucus!! The hardest part was not being able to hold them right away. They told me they had to wait till I had more feeling in my legs... SERIOUSLY?! Put me in a wheel chair and bring me to my babies!!! I don't need my legs to hold my babies!!!
Its funny how all I wanted to do was bring my babies home, and as soon as I brought them home, all I wanted to do was bring them back so someone could watch them during the night!! Now, I can barely put them in nursery on Sunday! I get serious separation anxiety.. I just get so scared that I am going to miss something! Or what if they need me?! I have to get out of church, rush through nursery security (yes there is security), and then remember where the nursery actually is. What if something happens in those 3 minutes?! I mean seriously.. look what happened in the 10 seconds I had to push?! Out popped a baby!
Piece of advise for the day.. don't blink, don't count to 10, DO get the epidural, don't worry about what comes out of your mouth (or any other opening in your body) when you are in the heat of labor, don't worry about your unshaved legs, DO enjoy every little precious moment with your children, because before you can count to 10, they have already grown!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

From fabulously fit to jello jigglers

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have to plan on how to fit into my favorite jeans! Nor did I think I would try every trick in the book to do so! Squats, lotioning and oiling your legs, don't wash them for a while so that they are nice and streched out.. etc. Pregnancy has changed all of that!
I think as women it is sometimes hard not to conform to the standards that is world has set. We see women in magazines and on tv, modeling agencies scouting the malls and shops, stopping only the tallest, skinniest, and prettiest. So what do we do? We diet, change our hair, load on the make-up, and SQUEEZE our feet into the most uncomfortable high heeled, high fashion shoes.. just to fit a cookie-cutter mold. Please don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with those things in and of themselves... but lets be honest, how many of us are truly comfortable in that post baby state when the world is screaming.. "Look at this Hollywood mom!" "Lose your baby weight in 7 short days!" What they are really saying is, "If you have thousands of dollars and can afford a great lipo surgery or expensive trainer and don't mind starving yourself for 7 days, you too can look like this!"
Once again, though, I find myself ready those articles and copying down the greatest weight loss tips. Yes, I will be honest and say that I struggle with the way my body looks after having twins. I miss that perfectly fit 19 yr old girl, and am NOT happy with the "jello jigglers" that have replaced the 6-pack abs, and toned thighs. But reality is, I am not that 19 yr old girl anymore. I am a woman and with that comes some flab and hips that may not fit into those jeans anymore, or look super cute in that bikini... and that's ok. I am willing to go up a size if that is the "price" I have to pay for two beautiful little girls.
This does not mean that I won't have time of work out, nor does it mean that I will starve myself back to who I was. I will eat that funnel cake and those deep fried french toast with the knowledge that I can easily work it off later (even if its just by running up and down the steps to check on the munchkins!)
So here's to putting away the oil, ignoring the "perfect body" articles, buying a pant size bigger, and accepting that I am not a girl. I am a woman, a mother of twins, and I am beautiful just the way I am (jigglers and all!!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Joining this Blogging movement!

"Two are better than one!"
That is a loaded statement. I know that it refers to marriage but I know God was thinking of me when He said that. I love my TWO little munchkins, and two means twice the fun (and work!) It also means twice the bottles, baths, spit-up, and poopy diapers! More importantly, it means half the sleep.
If there were a degree in baby care with a minor in baby talk.. I am pretty sure I would ace that! I never thought that baby talk was another language but it sure is. And guess what, I am fluent in it! Madi and Amber have the best conversations! My favorite is when they both have a full diaper and they are laughing and cooing to each other. I know JUST what they are saying:
"Madi, lets see how much she gags today!!"
"Amber thats a great idea!! I know this is a full one! And it smells SOOO bad! HAHA!! Think you can push a little more out just so that it goes up your back?"
"Oooo that's a great idea! Here goes....(insert majors grunts and a red, red face). Would you look at her face?! she is not looking forward to this! Oh here is some spit up too...."
And so the conversations go, and may day of poopy diapers and spit up begins!
Two are truly better than one though! It may mean twice the laundry, but it also means twice the smiles, laughs, and adorable outfits to dress my angels up in!!!!
So what does a day in the life of a super mom truly look like?
4 AM- bottles, diapers, spit-up, playtime, rock babies to sleep
6AM- finally crawl back in bed to get some sleep
6:30AM- actually start to fall asleep when a baby wakes up.. another full diaper and bottle.
8AM- get baby #1 in bed just in time for baby #2 to wake up!
9AM- finally get baby #2 to sleep
9:30AM-10:30AM- attempt to eat, drink some coffee and POSSIBLY get the dishes done before a baby wakes up!!
10:30AM-12PM- feed babies, change diapers, change shirt for the 3rd time and get babies BACK down for a nap
12-1PM- get laundry done or clean floors and attempt to eat some lunch
1PM- baby wakes up... feed, change, play again
3PM- put baby down and get baby #2 again...
3-10PM- repeat everything that happened in the first part of the day
And that my dear readers is a day in the life of a super mom!