Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teething toys and tantrums!

We have officially entered the stage of teething toys and tantrums! Monkey Madi has her first two teeth! When she gives her big goofy grin you can see them on the bottom! My sweet little Amber is in the "cutting phase". Her teeth have yet to break through but I have a feeling is any day now! I find it quite comical that I have spent quite a bit a money on teething rings and nuks and the things they would rather chew on are fingers, wash cloths, and wipes cases!!! Isn't that always how it goes? Even with animals.. you buy them expensive toys and they would rather play with a paper bag or plastic bottle! I think I could seriously make a mint on "recycled toys for your children and pets!" 
Not only does teething come with the countless toys, it also brings along a friend! "The endless tantrums!" For anyone who has the misconception that babies are perfect.. you have never had a teether or a "terrible two". I am determined to break my infants wills!!!
But today I am just going to love my babies up! In spite of the tantrums because on this beautiful Wednesday, after a very fun few weeks, MY HUSBAND IS COMING OUT TO NEW JERSEY FOR VACATION!!!! I am pretty anxious to see him and show him how big his little princesses got!!!!


  1. YAY! and THEN you all come home to the new pelton family :)

  2. So true about about the toy thing! Of course I don't have kids yet but I do have my doggies....and they would rather play with plastic water bottles and socks!