Monday, July 18, 2011

Hips of a mother and God's sense of humor

I truly believe God knew what He was doing when He designed women to have "child bearing hips"! I am saying I necessarily enjoy them? No, not at all! But I would not be able to carry two children without the hips that have been create after childbirth! Sometimes I just think about the creativity of God in all the things He has made! I mean, come on, have you ever look at a platypus?! That takes a serious sense of humor!! So many times I think we forget that God isn't just a serious God. We can look all around us and see that He is creative and truly wants us to marvel and enjoy the things He has created, right down to child  bearing hips! How many of us would have thought to include that if we were creating life?
So today I am going to enjoy the wonder, beauty, and humor of God's creation. I believe I focus too much on the serious nature of God and the state that this world is in, and I forget about all the wonderful things. I am going to enjoy this heat, and be thankful I don't live in Arctics. I am going to smile at the busy little bees and marvel at their hard work. I am going to laugh with my beautiful little baby girls! And I am going to look at these "child-bearing hips" and thank God for making me just the way I am!!

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