Friday, May 13, 2011

**WARNING** This Post may be controversial!

I was once asked what denomination I was. My answer that I am a Christian. The response was, "Yes, but what denomination are you?!" I was unnerved and upset at the fact that my answer of being a Christian was not enough. Why do we have to have an "extra" title to that answer? When did just being a believer in Jesus Christ become not enough? Why do these "denominations" tear us apart? I have a dear friend who was brought up Reformed Baptist (like me) and she is so madly in love with a dear friend of mine who was brought up Roman Catholic. I know that it has caused some controversy among people because of their different denominations, and it is not good enough for some people that are two young people who are madly in love and more importantly, who both love their Lord and Savior with all of their hearts. I really don't want to start any kind of religious debate. This a place for me to get my thoughts out!
I was recently filling out a job application and one of the optional questions was about denomination. A non-optional question was about my race. What happen to just being a human? No, we have to be politically correct now. Jobs must have a certain percentage or number of women and men, Caucasians, African Americans, Asians, Europeans, Native Americans, etc. Why can't you just higher people who fit the job, no matter what their race or ethnicity? 
All of these things make me wonder what kind of world my girls are going to grow up in. Are there going to be questions in the future about whether you are gay, straight, bisexual, trans gender, twin, triplet, etc.? They call it equality, but is it really equality? Aren't we just creating more inequality by stereotyping people? By asking all these questions? 
Its not just enough to be a human, to be a Christian.. there has to be more. I have to say, this makes me so anxious for heaven when there will be no more political correctness, or equality, where I can just be a person that loves my Lord Jesus Christ!


  1. I think you mean to say that in heaven there WILL be equality ;) And, good news...I don't think anyone's ever been stereotyped against for being a twin!

  2. Struggling with these issues makes you stronger. And at my age, it staves off alzheimers! Keep thinking.good questions.bev